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 Another independent Coffee Roaster is on the books – and we now have stock of : 

Thrive – El Salvador Single Origin – Finca San Ernesto Honey


Another shade-grown coffee, this gorgeous lot from Urrutia Estate produces strong notes of dark chocolate alongside vanilla with a juicy finish reminding us of pear drops.

As well as being our first coffee from El Salvador, this coffee is also the first ‘honey processed’ coffee to hit our shelves. Honey process is a method in which coffee cherries have their skins and pulps removed after picking (much like other processes). But they are then dried without washing off the sticky-sweet outer layer of the fruit (the cherry). Since honey process beans spend less time in water than washed beans do, less fermentation occurs, so not as much of the sugar in the bean is converted to acid.

The process is known for producing a style of coffee that is fruity and complex with a low acidity and intense sweetness. It’s also really eco-friendly as it uses less water than “natural” or “washed” process coffees.

Batch No. 4 is our collection of three complementary coffees, this batch follows the theme of the ‘forest’, a place close to our heart as we live and roast in the Forest of Dean. All the Urrutias Estate coffees are 100% shade-grown and native trees are planted every year to prevent erosion. The main trees which are grown are the izote and the copalchi which also act as a natural wind barrier, heping the coffee thrive. The forest surrounding this coffee is A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Rainforest Alliance certified and is home to many resident and migratory birds. It’s home to 24 different species of mammals, amazingly 259 species of insects and over 120 species of migratory birds.

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